Soul Tribe Gathering – October 18th 2018

Soul Tribe

Rewire your brain for higher consciousness by paying attention to love, compassion and joy – Deepak Chopra

Another amazing evening with our regular Soul Tribers along with lots of new Soul Tribers; the atmosphere was fantastic at our new home, MacDonald Botley Park and Spa Hotel.

Soul Tribe is a safe place in a relaxed environment for like-minded people to gather to help each other make a difference in the world, in their own unique ways.  Working together, not against each other in collaboration to lift the vibe, raise the roof, and share their wisdom with each other.

Carolyne Bennett, main speaker and host, kicked off Soul Tribe with explaining about her journey and how she discovered the Kabbalah and how the wisdom, gentleness and love of her teacher Yehuda literally had saved her from a very dark place. I then took front stage to talk about Acts of Kindness and how we can, by starting with ourselves create a ripple effect of kindness to share with anyone we come into contact with. We were then ‘knocked-out’ by our speaker, Yehuda Goldfiner, live-streamed from Miami. The feedback was amazing and everyone took something away from the night, there will always be at least one thing that resonates – that is the beauty of Soul Tribe, there is something for everybody.

As well as hearing Carolyne and I talk about different topics each month, we invite speakers to attend. This Month (October), we have the beautiful Abbie Whiddett talking to us about how she overcame anxiety and depression. A true inspiration, so don’t miss this one. Many of us hide behind our masks. Listening to people who have gone through a journey that you may be experiencing can be such a great help and support, trust me I know.

3rd Thursday of each month from 6.30pm (registration) – 9.00pm.

NEXT GATHERING: Thursday 21st March 2019.
VENUE: MacDonald Botley Park and Spa Hotel.

There will be fun, laughter, speakers, music and an overall warm, friendly and caring buzz.

Don’t delay get your ticket now – they are going fast!

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