Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop – January 2019

Personal Life Coach Sarah Kerr offers mindfulness workshops

Hi everyone

So with only 15 sleeps till Christmas, there is still much work to be done, and I don’t mean the Christmas shopping kind of work, or even charging around the supermarkets filling my trolley to the brim like some kind of crazed person who thinks she will not have enough food and drink over the festive season……………… OMG no, I mean, I still have some amazing coaching clients to see, a mindfulness and meditation workshop to finish writing, my last session at an amazing school working with some wonderful children teaching them about mindfulness and resilience, and that is before I mention Soul Tribe Gathering on Thursday 13th December – a night of fun, laughter and sheer positive energy.  There is still time to buy your ticket – come on you know you want to!

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It will then be time to have a little recharge and rest before January comes and I hit the ground running with a Mindful Teacher, Mindful Student workshop at a local school, some new coaching clients and then the start of my Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Workshop starting on Tuesday 15th January for 5 weeks.

I absolutely love January as for me it represents the start of a new beginning, or the continuation of something amazing. Most people I talk to dread January, but I invite you to look through some new, fresh lenses and embrace it with both arms, and absolutely take a moment to be grateful that you have made it through another year!!!

Before I sign off, for those of you reading this that have dabbled with mindfulness and meditation, remember like most things you can’t get addicted to it unless you keep doing it. Get addicted to it – it really is truly amazing!!!

If you have five minutes between writing your Christmas cards, have a little look through my website for more information about my coaching packages and mindfulness workshops.