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Having trained as an Executive PA, I worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years before having my two children. Looking back, I realise how exceptionally lucky I was to have this opportunity. Despite loving being a full time Mum, I was aware that something was missing, it wasn’t clear what it was, but I felt frustrated, a little bit like when you have completed a jigsaw puzzle only to find a bit missing!

In an attempt to find that missing piece, I was fortunate enough to do some voluntary work in schools and scouts for 5 years and was a Chairperson of a pre-school. Dabbling in interior design, working in retail, becoming a Weight Watchers leader and being a Director of my own landscaping business for the last 10 years were (and still are), a few of the varied roles I’ve tried.

Having had post-natal depression, experiencing both counselling and CBT to assist with this, I thought that becoming a counsellor might be an option, but sincerely it wasn’t until my children became older teenagers and my beloved black Labrador (Freddy) died that I felt ready to go searching again, and so I started exploring self-help avenues. I took a leap of faith and booked myself on a Louise Hay two-day course run by Carolyne Bennett. This was the start of my incredible soul journey, and through personal coaching with Carolyne, courses and self-development things started to fall into place. The process wasn’t easy at times, it really challenged me, but it was absolutely the best thing I could have done to help me find some clarity and direction. I was getting closer to finding the missing piece, I could feel it.

I decided to train with Animas Centre of Coaching based in London. Animas is the world’s leading school of Transformational Coaching, accredited by the globally recognised International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC). Having successfully qualified and now running my coaching business, I feel a true sense of purpose. I fully understand my “light worker role”, helping others to unleash their full potential that has been lying dormant within them and helping them shine their light, so that they get to lead a healthier and happier life. I absolutely love it, and I completely get the journey, I truly do.

Mindfulness and Meditation have been a massive part of my journey too, and this is why I chose to qualify as a Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Instructor with SMART Foundations, I am passionate about sharing this with others so that they can benefit too. My work over the years with teachers and children has taught me that this is where the real work starts, the importance of teaching our youngsters the advantages of calming their minds, giving them some extra strategies and tools to deal with the pressures they encounter in life, is absolutely why I trained to be a Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing Coach in Schools.

It is always a true privilege to work with the staff and children – they inspire me every time!

Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering, I have absolutely found that missing piece of the puzzle, I no longer feel frustrated, I am no longer searching. Don’t get me wrong there will always be areas for development, but the feeling of doing a job that you love, that lights you up, fulfils you and helps others is like nothing else – it is amazing!

Animas Accredited Coach

‘Every human has two stories; the empowering story and the dis-empowering one.

The story that you choose to believe decides your happiness and success’

Hampshire County Council
CThA Member

qualifications and insurances

  • Insured with Holistic Insurance Services (£5m liability cover)
  • Current DBS check
  • Official Hampshire County Council Supplier
  • AC and ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching
  • SMART Young Minds Coach – Diploma SMART Foundations
  • Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques
  • Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing Instructor Course – Diploma SMART Foundations
  • Certificate in Counselling – Eastleigh College
  • Treating Anxiety Panic Disorders Recovery Course – Mind-Body Breakthrough
  • Law of Attraction Course – Carolyne Bennett Coaching
  • Louise Hay Heal Your Life Course – Carolyne Bennett Coaching
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Course (beginnners & advanced) – Carolyne Bennett Coaching
  • Reiki I & II – Carolyne Bennett Coaching
  • Cache Level 3 in Early Years Foundation Stage Practice – Fareham College
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