I offer professional life coaching and mentoring services to help you tackle stress and boost your confidence. I will help you become ‘unstuck’ and make important decisions and/or changes.

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Life Coaching

I can help you with:

• Career decisions
Difficult relationships
Feeling ‘stuck’
Finding your life purpose & value
Increasing confidence
Managing stress & anxiety
Making important decisions
• Tackling overwhelm & overthinking
Increasing your motivation
• Rediscovering your enthusiasm and ability

Welcome to the rest of your life!

Before you commit, let’s have a no pressure, no obligation curiosity coaching call over the phone or via Zoom.

Your 30 minute no obligation curiosity coaching call is completely FREE

Email me to arrange a FREE Curiosity Coaching Call

Your 30 minute coaching call will give you clarity and reassurance that you have chosen the right coach to work with. You will finish the call having identified some of the challenges to be worked through, and also receive practical and realistic tools and strategies for you to implement straight away. There will also be an opportunity to discuss which of the 3 month coaching programmes best suit you and your needs.

3 month Programmes start at £525

Email me to arrange a FREE Curiosity Coaching Call

“Commit to Incredible Change
3 Month Coaching Programmes”

During this three month period we will dive deep into the challenges you are facing, and work together to identify potential solutions and discover what is stopping you from moving forward or making the necessary changes required. Additional support and training are available in some of the programmes for those who want to dive even deeper.

Our time together gives you the opportunity to talk freely and confidentially in a safe space with no judgement.

Clients I have worked with have described our time together as empowering, realistic, life changing, genuine, supportive and compassionate.

Hop on a curiosity coaching call with me. I would love to get to know you and understand how to support you. Email me and I will get you booked in. The life you truly want awaits in just one click..!

You are ready, let’s get that call booked in.   

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Why work with me?

I am naturally intuitive – I connect to people’s feelings quickly and you see the real me at all times. I teach mindfulness and meditation and if this is something that floats your boat, we can integrate these strategies into your sessions. I am flexible as to how I work. If you are local to Southampton, we can work face-to-face or if you’d prefer we can work online via Zoom.

Email me to arrange a FREE Curiosity Coaching Call

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

Are you ready to live the life you want?