Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation

“We have a choice over how we perceive and react to the events in our lives”

One of the most important lessons we can learn in life is this: we do not see the world how it is. We see the world how we choose to perceive it. Every situation is neutral until we put meaning to it, either positive or negative.

This means we actually have a choice over how we perceive and react to the events in our lives. Through meditation and mindfulness, we can examine these perceptions and reactions without judgement, and objectively decide if we would like to think something different.

“Make better, conscious choices that can transform your feelings and your mood”

Delivered through six, 1hr 30 minute evening sessions, each Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation workshop is for up to 12 people, and involves a mixture of theory and practical exercises.

Over the six weeks of the workshop, you will get the chance to explore a variety of different mindfulness practices and meditations. Although mindfulness and meditation cannot solve problems altogether, the techniques you will learn can empower you to make better, conscious choices that can transform your feelings and your mood.

I am so passionate about how mindfulness can transform our thoughts, our feelings, and ultimately our behaviour. It has had such a positive effect on my own life!

key areas covered by the workshop

  • Stress and the mind/body connection
  • Our amazing brains
  • Thoughts are not facts
  • Understanding your ‘story’ – and how to change it
  • Fight, flight, freeze
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Making friends with how we feel
  • Switching off autopilot
  • Visualisations to change your mood
  • Core breathing techniques
  • How gratitude comes into play
  • ‘Doing mode’ vs ‘being mode’
  • Self-compassion and acceptance
  • Positive affirmations
  • Mindful movement
Mindfulness Workshop

A welcoming space

Each session is held in a calm, friendly and welcoming space. Importantly, what you choose to share about yourself in the sessions is up to you; it can be as much or as little as you like. Whatever your choice, sessions are always confidential. At the beginning of each course, everyone pledges to keep the content of our sessions private.

Workshop sessions at St John’s Church, Locks Heath. All sessions are held in a calm and welcoming space.

workshop customer feedback

“The room the course is held in was warm, welcoming and comforting. Sarah had gone to every effort to make you feel safe!

The group itself was small and personal. I will confess I am normally better on a 1:1 basis, but Sarah and everyone else taking part on the course were so lovely, caring and supportive. All having our own battles, demons, etc. Some shared some didn’t. There was never any pressure and more importantly, nobody judged!”

“We were all there to get the same out of the course!   Help, guidance, relaxation, coping mechanisms, control, etc

Sarah has a such a lovely way with people and is just so easy to talk to. It is quite clear that she is truly passionate about her work. If ever there was a follow up course or even a straight forward meditation class, I’ll be signing up for it!

Thank you for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel, Sarah.”

“Fantastic, wonderful course. You were brilliant, your passion comes through and comes through to your clients. I will definitely be using it on myself and will be referring my clients to you for their aftercare, etc. Thank you!”

“The Course helped me change my life”

“I had lots of inward anger I wanted to get rid of.Sarah gave me lots of techniques and meditation ideas to work on and I feel a lot more happy and positive about life and how to look for more positives in a day”

costs and what to bring

  • Bottled water is provided
  • Bring a notebook and pen, blanket and cushion for comfort, yoga mat (not the first week, and not essential)

upcoming dates

The next 6-week course runs from Weds 18th Sept to Weds 23rd Oct 2019, 7pm – 8:30pm. 

I will be hosting this event at St John’s Church, 7 Church Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, SO31 6LW.

Entrance to the car park is on Church Road.
Enter through the main doors to the church hall and it will be signposted where to go.

Mindfulness workshop for teachers and students

Do you work in education? My Mindfulness in Education workshops can give teaching staff and students a thorough grounding in the principles and benefits of mindfulness. I teach simple mindfulness techniques that can empower staff and students to become more aware of their feelings, while increasing calm and boosting concentration.

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