Mindfulness in education for teachers and headteachers

This workshop gives all school staff a thorough grounding in the principles of mindfulness and the benefits it can bring. It also teaches some techniques they can use for themselves straight away.

The longer versions of this workshop also teach a variety of easy, ‘drop-in’ mindfulness techniques that staff can use with the children in the classroom. For example:

  • 5 senses exercise
  • The Happy Switch
  • Power Posing
  • Dance and Sing
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful movement
  • Kindness language
  • Safe place visualisation
  • Our thoughts and the glitter globe
  • Gratitude exercise
  • Getting in the fresh air
  • Mindful body scan
  • Positive affirmations
  • Check-in: how am I feeling?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, exactly as it is with kindness and curiosity. Through mindfulness, we give ourselves time to pay attention to our feelings, both positive and negative.  

With the correct training and practice, mindfulness can be used to catch hold of and work through negative feelings, such as anxiety and stress.

Workshop delivery:

This workshop is perfect for INSET days and twilight sessions. It is available in three tiers:

tier 1

Three-hour session:

An introduction to mindfulness and the benefits it can bring to you at work and in your personal life, along with some techniques you can use yourself.


tier 2

Four-hour session:

As per the three-hour session, plus a selection of simple, ‘drop-in’ mindfulness activities that you can use in the classroom straight away.


tier 3

Five-hour session:

As per the three-hour session, plus a broader selection of simple, ‘drop-in’ mindfulness activities that you can use in the classroom straight away.


I will present the workshop to your team on your school premises.
There is no limit to the number of people that can attend.

Workshop feedback:

Botley Church of England Primary School

Sarah ran a highly successful training event with all staff looking at mindfulness. This has had a real impact on day to day practice and on how members of staff at school are more aware of considering their own well being and how best to support it. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Sarah and would strongly endorse her training as having a real purpose and impact within school.

J Cooil / Headteacher

Sholing Junior School

As we will be delivering mindfulness in the curriculum this term, we decided to ask Sarah to come in and deliver a mindfulness workshop to all staff. Sarah worked closely with us beforehand to make sure the workshop was exactly what we wanted and needed. It was informative, interactive anduseful which gave staff the knowledge and confidence to be able to deliver mindfulness to all children in the school on a daily basis. In addition, she emphasised the importance of mindfulness for adults working in the school as well as the children. Her knowledgeable and relaxed approach meant that everyone engaged with ease and enjoyed the interactive session. Thank you Sarah, there were endless positive comments afterwards from the staff.

Angela Manore / Sholing Junior School

Inset Cluster day at Wallop Primary

Thank you – very helpful • Very relaxed, thank you • Enjoyed it • Many helpful and practical suggestions • I would have liked it to be a lot longer – overall very good and relaxing • Something different and very interesting • Very good both personally and professionally

Teacher Comments

• Inspired me to work with children within school • Brilliant! Things that will actually work that are manageable for home and school – thank you! • As a Senior leader I find that mindfulness, connecting the children with their inner self is essential for mental health

Teacher Comments

• Very useful and enjoyable – thank you! • Fab practical ideas • Some really useful practices for the classroom • Great introductions to mindfulness, but needed more time • I could listen to Sarah Kerr talk all afternoon. Really interesting and loads to put into place

Teacher Comments
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New and unique primary KS2 course for Teachers bringing PE, mindful resilience, health and wellbeing (PSHE) together.

Workshop for KS2 Teachers

Teachers will come away with a high quality 6 Week unit of PE/PSHE KS2 lessons ready to deliver.

This course supports the introduction of compulsory health education within PSHE in all schools by 2020, stipulating that all children will start to be introduced gradually to issues around mental health, wellbeing and happiness right from the start of primary school.

Course Outline:


This is a new and unique KS2 scheme of work bringing movement (PE), mental health and well-being (PSHE) together. Physical activity and mental health have clear links and this course aims to show teachers how to educate pupils on the importance of physical exercise and how this links to their emotional health and well-being.

What will teachers go away with?

• Improved knowledge on how to link physical activity with mental health and wellbeing.

• A complete 6-week Scheme of work including individual lessons plans and resources to deliver 2 PSHE lessons and 4 PE lessons.

• Increased confidence to think differently about how they can use PE lessons to develop a toolbox of movement strategies that pupils can adopt in everyday life to overcome stress and pressure.

What will teachers get on the day?

• Practical sessions to help with delivery

• Complete run through of all 6 lessons

• Practical tools, tips and techniques to help pupils with mental well-being and resilience.

• In depth knowledge on how to explain to pupils the importance of physical exercise and the link to their emotional well-being and resilience.

• 2 experts in the fields of Physical Education and Mindful Resilience & Well-Being delivering the day.

Your place on this course will be confirmed once payment has been received. Thank you..


Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing in the workplace:

Mindfulness in the Workplace Workshop

“The mindfulness workshop led by Sarah was superb. I think myself and my team all entered into it with a degree of apprehension and if I am honest, a level of scepticism about the impact could make. Sarah has helped give us all strategies we can use throughout our daily lives, both personally and professionally, to handle and process the frustrations we suffer. Sarah made us all feel comfortable and helped us understand what was happening physiologically whilst at the same time finding easy ways for us to put in place practical responses to our trigger points as well as providing a roadmap for a better and more rounded approach to life.  We were all thoroughly impressed with the course and have already booked in follow up sessions with Sarah – many thanks Sarah, we (aim to be) a more peaceful team now!”

Adam Johnson / Director - New Forest Weatlh Management

Mindfulness in education for students:

My Mindfulness in Education programme for Primary School Students is a classroom course, delivered by me, to groups of up to 15 pupils. It teaches powerful and age-appropriate strategies to help the children identify and give language to their feelings. It also teaches them techniques for recognising and tackling stress and anxiety.

The objective of the programme is to enhance students’ concentration, increase their self-acceptance, and boost their mental health, happiness and confidence.

The programme is suitable for all primary school children, from Year R through to Year 6, and includes:

  • How the brain works and the mind-body connection
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to tackle stress and anxiety
  • The importance of kindness, gratitude and compassion
  • The power of dancing, movement and healthy eating
  • Creative visualisations to change their mood
Mindfulness in Schools

Course delivery:

The programme is split into six sessions of between 45 minutes and an hour, delivered over six consecutive weeks. The sessions involve exercises, group discussions, working in pairs, and even outdoor activities (weather permitting). 

During each session, we will spend some time reviewing the key things we learned the week before. 

The course outline below is just a guide. I will liaise with your Headteacher or your ELSA to confirm your needs.

sample course outline


The mind-body connection
  • ‘It’s ok not to feel ok’
  • Awareness of our feelings and what we do with them
  • What happens to our bodies when we are anxious
  • Introduction of core breathing exercises


Visualisation & 'the happy switch'
  • Recognising a range of emotions
  • ‘Where the mind goes, the body follows’
  • Benefits of dancing and feeling happy
  • Visualisation: ‘happy switch’ training


Tension vs. Relaxation
  • Noticing tension in the body
  • Understanding what makes us feel relaxed
  • Progressive relaxation techniques
  • Visualisation: creating calm


Mindfulness, Moving & Eating
  • Simple introduction to mindfulness
  • Benefits of mindful movement and mindful eating on our health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Applying mindful eating/movement to how we feel
  • How gratitude plays a part


Strengths & Resilience
  • Recognising you are unique
  • Realising strengths and improvement areas
  • Bouncing back from a tough situation
  • ‘Thoughts are not facts; we can change them’ 
  • ‘You have a range of emotions, and that is ok’
  • Visualisation: ‘my safe space’


Special Requests

In the last week, I like to see what the children and teachers want to focus on, so I ask for special requests. Additional areas we can cover in week 6 are:

  • Gratitude and kindness
  • Body scan
  • Other meditations/visualisations
  • Calming sequence
  • Mantras
  • Setting goals
  • Yoga

Course feedback:

Your investment:

This cost includes a one-hour initial consultation and my expenses/materials.

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Mindful Parents : A Workshop

In addition to my work with students and teachers, I also deliver mindfulness workshops to parents. This 1 hour 30 minute session gives them a virtual ‘toolbox’ of strategies that they can use at any time for themselves and with their children, in order to stay calm, resilient and relaxed. This includes how to catch hold of and change negative thoughts; what language to use to change how they feel; and what to do when they’re stressed and there’s no-one to talk to. For more information, please get in touch.

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