Retreat Day

Do you often feel bloated and uncomfortable? Get headaches or feel tired? Feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then I invite you to join myself and Catherine Hood a Colonic Hydrotherapist and Holistic Nutritional Advisor for a nurturing day for you to relax and really listen to your mind and body, and a chance to learn more about how your body works in relation to food and stress. Learn about your second brain (the gut) and how our minds and body are connected and take away mindfulness practices which can help in your daily life. Set in beautiful surroundings you will have a chance to explore the wonderful nature around you (including a labyrinth), really allowing yourself some much needed time to enjoy a sense walk, mindful eating, as well as peaceful meditations and mindfulness practices.

Catherine will be talking about the importance of gut health and how you can reduce potential gut health problems. You will learn how our bodies work in relation to food and stress and how mindfulness aids with a healthy gut and ultimately a happy mind.

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